About us

The Brand

We want to create watches that are more then just watches. MANYEARS creates watches which are your companion. Every glance at your watch will remind you how short the life is and that you should enjoy your life. The hourglass is passing and the time flies. MANYEARS your companion and reminder. Ourmessage in combination with our very good quality and price is the resultat of MANYEARS.

How many years do you want to wait before you start?

Our Story

The years pass, the pointer turns, time flies. Life is constantly in motion. This is the reason why we should enjoy every moment. Manyears, your personal companion, your reminder of your act in which you are the protagonist. The nowadays common conflict wasting time affects all of us. The view at the clock should remind you, that you are the only person who can change something. It‘s now time to end this, it‘s your precious moment of life. Determine yourself and you will be supported by your elegant time measuring device.

Siamak Petri

Responsable for graphic, video and design

Aziz Dagasal

Responsable for sales and technical drawing